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Jewellery could be one of the best suitable gifts for women on all occasions. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, wife, fiancé, friend, sister, mother, daughter or granddaughter. Every woman likes to receive jewellery as gifts. Jewellery gift is a special way to express our emotion for the other individual without having to say in words. ASTRA jewellery, which each design has a story, allows you to express your feelings in the most profound way and engrave those emotions forever in the piece. As a result, allowing the wearer to forever remember your love and concern for them.


gifts for women on all occasions

The story behind ASTRA Jewellery is unique and truly inspiring. It was started by four good friends beneath the beautiful stars in the New Zealand skies. Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of nature, ASTRA jewellery is created with an intention to share your unique story. It just likes the stars that appear to quietly narrate unique stories that shape the lives of each individual. Thus, the ASTRA jewellery makes a perfect gift for someone with whom you wish to create an everlasting relationship and a beautiful story.

Now, before you decide what to buy for your lady, it is good that you first recognized or have an idea about what type of jewellery is accurate for your lady. Of course, each individual has their own unique style and choices, but these little tips will definitely help you avoid bloomers and giving something completely opposite to their likings.

Love for Your Mother

Love for Your Mother

Our mother is the most lovable and important person in our life. She always knows the wise words to say and help us get back up on our foot whenever we fall in any situation. She is the one who guides us and showers abundant love and blessing on us. Anything that we give her will make her happy and accept it most gratefully. But if you want to make her feel really special you need a special something, and ASTRA jewellery is definitely the one.

When you search for jewellery gift for your mother at ASTRA Jewellery, you may want to look out ASTRA Gift of life. This piece of jewellery is really special and significant and in fact the perfect gift for your mother. ASTRA Treasure is made to be given to that person who is an absolute gem in your life. The moving sparkles within the three circles of the jewellery represent the thoughts and feelings we treasure about that special person

Love for your Wife

Love for your Wife

Be it rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, your wife will love it all. However, the jewellery that you give should be able to correspond with their feelings and sense of style. Also, remember that women love to have something that is unique. For that, ASTRA Jewellery is the right online store to find unique and beautiful gifts. Jewelleries like ASTRA Infinite Love and ASTRA Double Heart are perfect jewelry gifts for your wife.

ASTRA Infinite Love

The unending curve and flow of heart in ASTRA Infinite Love celebrates the ever-lasting love between two hearts. This piece of jewellery is a great ways to express your love for your wife and remind her of your undying love.

ASTRA Double Heart

When you are out of words to express your love, ASTRA Double Heart will be there to pass on the feelings. The jewellery captures the warm emotion of the lovers and then transmit those feeling over the loved ones and constantly remind them how special they are for the lovers.

ASTRA Double Heart

Love for your Girlfriend

Love for your Girlfriend

When it comes to relationship and friendship, gift plays a significant role in expressing our warmth emotion and commitment towards our loved ones. The best part of relationship/friendship is that one feels more joy from giving than receiving. Of course, giving gifts isn’t the most important thing in relationships but it helps says a lot about your promise and willingness to make your loved ones feel special and happy always.

jewellery gift for your girlfriend

When you browse through ASTRA Jewellery to find the perfect jewellery gift for your girlfriend or special friend, don’t forget to check out ASTRA Continuous Love and Astra Infinite Love. These two pieces of special jewelleries celebrate ever-lasting love and friendship. The jewellery will always remind its wearer about the special bond between both of you and the stones within the pendant will always spark out the deep, warm, and genuine love that you have for them.

Love for your Daughter

Young women just can’t get enough of jewellery and fortunately ASTRA Jewellery has plenty of jewellery pieces to suit all styles, personalities and for every occasion. Browse through ASTRA collection and find fashionable and meaningful jewellery including beautiful bracelets, earrings, rings, and customizable versatile designs pendants perfect for your daughter.

Love for your Daughter

All parents want their daughter to be safe wherever she goes. ASTRA Jewellery genuinely understands this primary concern of parents that is why it offers the ASTRA Guardian jewellery. ASTRA Guardian holds the bright wings of a guardian angel . This means, your daughter will always be guided by angles- definitely the perfect gift for daughter.

ASTRA jewellery is the winner of The UK Professional Jewellery Awards 2018, the winner of The UK CMJ Dragons Den 2017, the finalist of the UK Jewellery Awards 2018 and 2019.

You can get a piece of jewellery gift for your friends at just $69.00 (USD). Happy Shopping!

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